[email protected] - Van Gogh Museum (Self Portrait)


Artist: Vincent Van Gogh, [email protected]

Publisher: Medicom Toy

Medium: Plastic

1000% Dimensions: 27.6 x 14 x 8.5 inches

400% & 100% Dimensions: 11.02 in tall & 2.75 in tall

Year: 2020

Edition: Limited

Markings: Stamped with artist’s signature

Condition: Brand new in original box

Notes: Certificate of Authenticity included.

About the WORK

Nearly 130 years after his death, Vincent van Gogh and his artworks still inspire designers, artists and fans all around the world. The collaboration with [email protected] allows the Van Gogh Museum to introduce the work of Vincent van Gogh to a devoted group of collectors with a passion for aesthetics and quality. [email protected] are enjoying huge popularity, for example in hip-hop and streetwear culture. This limited-edition [email protected] x Van Gogh Museum was inspired by the painting Sunflowers. The special painting technique means that every bear is different, so each collector’s item is unique. (Source: Van Gogh Museum)

About the Artist

[email protected] are among the world’s most collectible toys, with rare examples commanding as much as $160,000 at auction. A mash-up of street culture and fine art, [email protected] have found appeal from a wide collector base, from the music producer Pharrell Williams to Vogue’s Grace Coddington.

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