Robin Velghe (b. 1994), also known as Rhymezlikedimez, is an illustrative designer and animator based in Ghent, Belgium. Born with a passion for drawing, Velghe always loved fusing the feeling of listening to music with the visual layer of his illustrations.

I started working on the [Rhymezlikedimez] project trying to make illustrations that people all over the world can relate to. Drawing inspiration from mostly hip-hop influenced artists, I try to represent the feeling I get when I’m listening to a song/album that I love, hoping that people resonate with the vibe of the artwork,” Velghe says. 

What started as a hobby and love of music turned into a full-time profession, now collaborating with the likes of PLAYBOI CARTI, LIL UZI, WIZ KHALIFA, MTV, BEATS BY DRE, & many more, as well as amassing nearly half a million followers across platforms and billions of impressions worldwide.

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